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The aim of the project

"ABS - K", Gjakovė operates Gjakova Region and currently has the following goals. The main goal is to have trainings in different fields and prepare the youth for jobs.

  1. Training for qualification and employment.
  2. Training for maintaining workplace.
  3. Training to increase knowledge of the subject.
  4. Training to be successful in the job where they work.
  5. Seminars to raise awareness.

Apart from the main aim during activities ABS-K performs the following tasks:

  1. Developing, planning, implementation, evaluation of course, and support for professional courses.
  2. Translation of the documentation for courses.
  3. Orientation and consultation with the authorities, enterprises and various stakeholders.
  4. Communication and advice on course opportunities.
  5. Contact and consultation with the enterprise on practical education opportunities.

During training of the participants the fundamental principle of training is:

  1. The combination of theoretical and practical work is the main reason of organizing such trainings
  2. Participant is in the spotlight
  3. Participant is active and engages in activities that promote them and their interest.
  4. Adapt learning activities based on the level of participant
  5. Teaching and assessment plan having individual development
  6. Variety of opportunities for courses depending on the market needs