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Project Implementation

Professional counseling

Individual explanation and the motivation of people who are potentially interested in pursuing courses have a positive effect on the direction of the course itself and therefore this practice should continue. With the opening of the counseling office in economic and technical high school, many young people may be drawn towards vocational education. Professional counseling activities are coordinated with the Department of Labor and Employment, in order to avoid parallel actions.
In the Economic and Technical high schools, youth and adults are available for professional counseling center.
Counselors, teachers with experience, give advice on occupations and educational opportunities (vocational) education in Gjakova and Kosovo, as well as helping to look for work.


- Informatics
- English levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced
- German Language Schritte A1.A2, B1, B2.C1
- Business Administration, Finance
- Management Finances
- Entrepreneurship
- Banking Systems
- Organization, Standardization of Quality
- Course for human rights
- Electro installer, Auto electrician
- Mechanics, Tornitor - frezues - Drilling, welder, car mechanic, machinist
- Steam SOLLAR
- Tailoring

Here are some of the photos taken in our cabinets and training centers in Gjakova.

Informatic's Cabinet

Mechanic's Course

Training for Solar System

Photos from Heating Solar Cabinet, whereas trainers were working on panels

Electrical Mounters


Minorities Program

Course group with minorities during the practice.


Administrative Trainings

Candidates during the training